All conference call platforms, helmet of the day, the right info at the right time, and a compliment

Tuesday morning and lots of conference calls to jump on. Trying to hit Zoom, Teams, FaceTime…, we minus well hit up Chat Roulette too!

Kidding. Not Chat Roulette.

But seriously, seems like we got things covered from local, county, state, and Federal….so I’m glad that we are participating as actively as we can.

Just make sure you got the right date scheduled for the meeting.


BTW – for those wondering what my choice was for helmet of the day. Well, I was feeling the need…the need for SPEED!

Hahahahaha. I’m a mess.

Glad to bring a few smiles to my fellow PIOs as we continue to work closely together.

Additionally, we are sharing consistent messages and aligning with national messaging. All of this to make sure we get the right information, to the right people, at the right time, so they can make the best decision(s).

No doubt on this one, thank you Phil. #FEMA #MPIO

Here are a few of the graphics we are using that align w/ CDC and HHS.

Use as you see fit too.

And at the end of the day, trust me, a small compliment goes far.

Shout out to Shannon Halligan means a lot to many of us that have been working our tails off. Thanks Shannon!

Keep your head above the water as we continue to serve our communities…


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