PIO Conf call tech, helmet choice, and increase in deaths at LTCF

PIO huddle going to be on the fly today as we are all tasked to different actions.

FaceTime allows anyone of our all iPhone users to have easy access to this and can be initiated by any one of us. So by using this consistent tech with explicit instructions, we can easily overcome the tech barriers.

And yes, I decided to wear my tactical helmet from Team Wendy.

Did they notice?

John was driving but here’s the moment when he realized what was going on.


OK, back to the news. I wanted to make sure our media partners were aware of the rumor control page setup by FEMA HQ. This is helpful to discern incorrect information and share trusted information.

Seems like we as PIOs are constantly thwarting mis-information so this kind of static page is helpful as we continue to get the right information…out to the right people…at the right time…so they can make good decisions.

Truly glad that our media partners engaged on that subject and wanted to do story/stories on mis-information in this response.

And as we continue to be responsive from the Joint Information Center (JIC), we are trending up the long term care facilities (LTCF) action as we see a sharp increase in COVID19 patients there.

Sigh. Wash your hands peeps, this is going to be a long one.



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