Thursday PIO roll call on opening day and fielding media questions

With the week fast closing out, we gotta continue to keep our battle rhythm up. Our morning PIO roll call today was a bit different as today is MLB opening day. And yep, Don had to remind us. 

Me? I leaned to the USAR side of the house today.

And yes, I did bring a smile to John’s face.

Your External Affairs Officer can support the plan!

BTW, with what was reported last night, I anticipate lots of questions today from the media. Maybe we ought to hold a press conference.

Additionally, work does not stop for COVID19, we got ongoing Emergency Management continuing education still ongoing so we gotta make sure we check mark that box as we are serving all of our partners in the field.

And I would advocate that you continue to fill out your ICS-214s. Daily.

Why? Documentation. Documentation. Documentation. #AmIRight

That’s right, normal operations don’t stop for the Coronavirus.

But don’t give up now, we just got started. Lemme see your stamina.

Harsh reminder that disasters definitely don’t like whimps. Neither do I. So keep up the good work for your community!


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