Rabbit ears on Aloha Friday and why I really do these things

Glad to see Friday amidst this Coronavirus. Just means a way to keep the rhythm going and keep our IAP and objectives in mind as we work to knocking those out.

Wait, did he say #AlohaFriday in March?

Always some Aloha in March right?

And as an added bonus as we look to the next Federal holiday (Easter), I opted for the rabbit ears accessory too.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????????????????????? Well, I really do these things to make people smile. Despite our current situation, we can all do some silly things that help take our minds off of work for a few seconds. These real moments allow us as humans to shine and share a few seconds of realism as we chart into strange territory.

Besides, my choices are far better than any zoom meeting background stolen from the internet.

Related note: during this disaster, I’ve had a bunch of people checking in on me and my health. Glad to see that change esp since the last few disasters have been a bit rough for me.

As we roll into another Saturday, I hope to see some reduction in hours. This breakneck speed that us PIOs, and EAOs have been working has been a bit stressful on the family life. Happy to have Emergency Management leadership who understands this. More thankful for their understanding. I hope your leadership has the same mindset.

Reporting live from the JIC…



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