Zilcho on the toilet paper acquisition this morning

This week has been so busy. After a busy morning of emailing reporter after reporter after reporter….

So I gotta make a quick morning run to the store for some toilet paper for the family.

Son of a……

Zero, zilch, nada, the big bagel…nothing left in the paper towel isle!

Me: “I wonder why people are hoarding carts of toilet paper and paper towels.”

That also brings up a good point because I am now really wondering how much toilet paper people use on the norm or are there rumors abound that talk about a sign/symptom of the Coronavirus is diarrhea?

Cough? Yes.

Fever? Yes.

Shortness of breath? Yes.

But the runs? At this time, I am unaware of any sign/symptoms of diarrhea w/ the Coronavirus diagnosis.

Here’s a link to the CDC’s page on the official Coronavirus issue.

C’mon people, we are only a few weeks into this thing…let’s rethink our community’s TP strategy. Please.

Reporting live from an empty isle in Target…


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