Zilcho on the toilet paper acquisition this morning

This week has been so busy. After a busy morning of emailing reporter after reporter after reporter….

So I gotta make a quick morning run to the store for some toilet paper for the family.

Son of a……

Zero, zilch, nada, the big bagel…nothing left in the paper towel isle!

Me: “I wonder why people are hoarding carts of toilet paper and paper towels.”

That also brings up a good point because I am now really wondering how much toilet paper people use on the norm or are there rumors abound that talk about a sign/symptom of the Coronavirus is diarrhea?

Cough? Yes.

Fever? Yes.

Shortness of breath? Yes.

But the runs? At this time, I am unaware of any sign/symptoms of diarrhea w/ the Coronavirus diagnosis.

Here’s a link to the CDC’s page on the official Coronavirus issue.

C’mon people, we are only a few weeks into this thing…let’s rethink our community’s TP strategy. Please.

Reporting live from an empty isle in Target…


Shortages of toilet paper?!?

In a world where toilet paper is scarce.

No, no, no…wait a minute.

In a time where the future looks bleak due to a national paper goods shortage.

No, no, no…wait a sec…

Breaking news…reports out of the battle field indicate a tear in the armor…

No, no, no….that’s not it at all.

Come work with us and you won’t have to worry about that kinda stuff. For realsz. If you were worried about toilet paper, fear not!

We got all the stuff you need here at work.

Basically, this post is a basic needs necessity. You have to provide for the needs of your employees. During a crisis, their stress levels skyrocket and they are probably having a tough time adjusting to the new schedules and response rhythm.

As a leader of your organization, you must give your employees the sound mind to be able to function and act as needed. Your team does NOT need to be distracted by the basic creature comforts of home while trying to make an impact/difference in the community.

Let me repeat that one more time: In the midst of battle, allow your team to make good decisions.

Provide for them the tools they need, allow them to do their thing, and trust their judgement. You hired them for a reason right? Let your staff make your organization shine.

Butt seriously, don’t worry, we got you covered. 🤣

Reporting live from the EOC…