Monday morning w/ call after call after call #COVID

Started out the early Monday morning with calls from 8 reporters all inquiring about COVID related cases throughout the county. Aside from asking all kinds of questions, the one I seem to get the most is “Do you think we are going to see a peak anytime soon?”

My consistent response has been “I am unsure on a peak based on our data that does not show a slowing of cases in our area. Furthermore, this is a complex situation where there are multiple factors that play into the reduction in spread in various communities.”

I have been including various quotes and lines that is in concert with our leadership and senior officials so we all have the same voice.

Despite some variances in tactics, as the External Affairs Officer, I was able to refocus our energy to resolve a few issues and place us positively.

Additionally, we are amplifying the same infographics shared by the CDC.

I hope this helps concrete their message to the public when they share their news story.

To stay healthy, my rec is to eat one fruit a day. For this incident, it’s been a daily orange.

Reporting live from the JIC…


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