Data from Illinois on COVID in the last day of March 2020

As we sift through the data and numbers, here’s just one projection that shows as of today March 31, 2020 – we should hit peak deaths in mid June.

Let that one sink in for a minute…mid June.

Additionally, the deaths per day are looking to spike at April 15th so if we hit this projection, we are in the final two weeks as we skyrocket to the top of the charts w/ 4,500 deaths per day. 

My interpretation of this data? I doubt that we will get that high because so many peeps are following the social distancing guidelines set forth by various agencies. Additionally, the hand washing and masks are sinking in with people so I expect this number to be lower than the mean (dotted line above).

The info above on deaths do correspond to the data below showing that in 14 days will be at the highest number of infected COVID patients.

Keep in mind this is just ONE projection that is being used to measure success and operational effectiveness against the Coronavirus. There are other models out there that show a different cone and hump that correlates to their data. Their interpretation is different because these computer models lean on various data points in how they discern information and stats.

Sobering thought at this #Coronavirus thing continues to mess with our daily lives.

This Coronavirus / COVID19 thing was def not on my 2020 disaster bingo card.

Deuces from the JIC…


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