Creative ways people are exhibiting good social distances

April 1, 2020….don’t even think about a practical joke today.

However, I can tell you that I have witnessed some genius methods of respecting social distancing by modifying some daily interactions that include physical separation.

Pull! Pull! Pull! Pull! Pull!

Who doesn’t love the TT!?!?!

Great idea peeps! Proud of your ingenuity.

But not everyone has a car or a long driveway so here’s an idea for those that live on the second floor or higher.

Outstanding use of techniques as well as incorporating some science principals into the day for the kiddos to learn.

Bravo to all the parents out there who are trying their hardest to keep up with school work, work-work, home work, etc….it’s a big much huh?

Why are we trying to be perfect in this?

That map looking kinda red.

Reporting live from the JIC….


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