Essential professionals out there 24/7

Aside from our healthcare professionals who are front line of this emergency, we need to think of all those Firefighters and Police Officers who also interact with patients every minute.

24 hours a day, we have emergency response officials risking their lives to save those who need help the most.

The solution isn’t as easy as sending gloves and masks to the hospital.

The solution isn’t as easy as tell people to stay home.

It’s more of a complex response that requires logistics, planning, and proper all-hazards execution so that we can consistently beat the odds when it comes to Coronavirus.

And this country isn’t all the same. Each part of the country has specific needs and response officials need to act accordingly to address those gaps.

This battle isn’t over yet…we have lots more to do.

Emergency Management is the main coordinating agency for this all-hazards response.


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