Ugly weather inbound with late season snowfall. #IsItSpringYet

Despite the Coronavirus and a cracked/extracted tooth…the show must go on.

Back at it in the EOC as we have some ugly weather inbound to our area with a late season snowfall expected.


And don’t fool yourself, that rapid snow melting isn’t good either. (Think flooding)

It’s times like this that I am so glad we have built a strong relationship with our local National Weather Service Office. In our case, NWS-Chicago is our crew.

In the past few months, we have been are fortunate to partner with NWS-Chicago Mike Bardou to teach the FEMA Basic Academy Science class that is heavy into the science of weather and how it pertains to Emergency Management and the safety of any community. Audience hailed from 4 different FEMA Regions and ultimately provided some outstanding insight into weather forecasting.

This kind of ongoing partnership has allowed our Emergency Management staff to really understand the issues that severe weather brings to our areas and ultimately provides a better way to match the resources with the needs from each community.

Proud to continue our solid relationships with NWS-Chicago.


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