Exercising to keep a routine during the Coronavirus

One of the things that have been keeping me somewhat in normal routine during this Coronavirus is exercise.

Prior to this response, I have been so consumed in the actual response that there was zero time dedicated to exercise and probably stress relief. That was not good. I understand the importance to normalize yourself during this long duration response.

What’s open? Any thing cool? Nope, not much.

Where do I go? All over, but mainly places that have lots of lights and security cameras.

Yep, happy to report the Bean has not contracted COVID-19 yet.

Since all gyms throughout the State of Illinois are closed, this self-initiated exercise routine makes me feel better and allows me to get some fresh air at night. With not a lot of businesses open and almost everyone working remotely, the city is eerily calm

And if you were wondering, I do wear my mask the entire time.

Also good reminder note to all of you…consider washing your mask on the regular.


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