Gawking at a beautiful Mack Baker Aerialscope #Fire #Truck

Hold the phone…is that a Mack Baker Aerialscope?


I think I’m in love. Check out those stabilizers!


I would say that this is pretty much pristine condition.


Bonus points for the gold bulldog too! (Note: The company’s trademark is the bulldog. It can be found on the front of almost all Mack trucks. A Mack truck with a gold-plated bulldog indicates that the entire truck is made of Mack components. Trucks with another manufacturer’s transmission, engine, rear axles or suspension are given the chrome-plated bulldog.)


So Chief-when you get your new engine/tanker in, let me know and I’ll be happy to take this off of your hands…you know, make room on your bay floors. I’d also be happy to bring it back anytime you needed it for a parade and stuff too.



Special thanks to Tipp City Fire Chief Steve Kessler and crews – Outstanding job to all of Tipp City Fire Department on preserving a true gem of fire service history.

BTW-here’s their new Ladder that replaced it.


It’s really nice.