We got a #FacebookDown-Safety-PIO-SM-14-009

14-009: We got a FacebookDown
Agency: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. Topic(s):         Non-related current event messages
Date: Fall 2014 Platform:        Facebook and Twitter

Just like any other service, social media platforms are bound to go down. And when that happens, a small amount of the population does NOT know how to react appropriately. Some residents of California decided that calling 9-1-1 was their only resort to getting logged back into Facebook.


Ahem. Clearly, this is NOT an emergency. Sgt Brink is right in making it very clear to his audience (on Twitter) that Facebook’s non-service is not a Law Enforcement issue. Common sense right?

Most agencies should have an easy contingency plan when this type of situation happens. Social Media postings and engagement will help decrease calls to various public safety agencies…including during non-emergency times. So having this type of canned responses ready to push out when a major social media platform has the hiccups, might help your constituents navigate their (loss of) digital life. Additional use of a trending hashtag will bring more visibility to your post by informing others of actions, or in this case, non-actions.

A more effective tweet could have read:

#Facebook is NOT a law enforcement issue. Pls don’t call us about it being down, we don’t know when FB will be back up #facebookdown

By phrasing it this way:

  1. You sternly address that this social media platform is NOT a law enforcement matter (duh).
  2. You use a hashtags that is trending (#Facebookdown) that will help increase visibility in your tweets.
  3. You highlight the importance of being current and active on recent news/events.
  4. You stress the importance of engaging with your social media users on various social media platforms.

Time is valuable, so tweet good stuff.




***To download this as a single-page printable format, click this file:



LODD Captain Bowen’s Story by Randy Mantooth #Firefighter

Definitely a worthwhile video to watch pertaining to the Asheville Fire Department Captain Jeff Bowen Line Of Duty Death (LODD) in 2011.


*Personal note: Capt Bowen was one of my students in my Firefighter class.


Video produced by Randy Mantooth and sponsored by Masimo.

Jeff: Keep an eye out for all of us at the elevated IC.


Gawking at a beautiful Mack Baker Aerialscope #Fire #Truck

Hold the phone…is that a Mack Baker Aerialscope?


I think I’m in love. Check out those stabilizers!


I would say that this is pretty much pristine condition.


Bonus points for the gold bulldog too! (Note: The company’s trademark is the bulldog. It can be found on the front of almost all Mack trucks. A Mack truck with a gold-plated bulldog indicates that the entire truck is made of Mack components. Trucks with another manufacturer’s transmission, engine, rear axles or suspension are given the chrome-plated bulldog.)


So Chief-when you get your new engine/tanker in, let me know and I’ll be happy to take this off of your hands…you know, make room on your bay floors. I’d also be happy to bring it back anytime you needed it for a parade and stuff too.



Special thanks to Tipp City Fire Chief Steve Kessler and crews – Outstanding job to all of Tipp City Fire Department on preserving a true gem of fire service history.

BTW-here’s their new Ladder that replaced it.


It’s really nice.




Social Media Mojo in Miami County today #TRexArms

Breaking down the social media mojo this morning in Miami County, Ohio in FEMA Region-V baby!

Lots of great questions so far…


…also a few questions about my T-Rex arms too.

After class, I’m looking forward to my detail at Tipp City Fire today.