Back in the day….Advertising Awards

“Back in the day, it was only Print, TV, and Radio…”

“I don’t know that I got the nuts to do what it takes to do that job,

There are many brave people in the world, but few have what it takes to win an ANDY Award. The 2015 Call for Entry is open. Submit your bravest work at

I know that made you smile.


Correct typing starts early… #Tanker #Tender

No Tonka, according to the FEMA NIMS Typing, this is a Tender.



**Truth be told, I’ve mistakenly done this over the statewide radio. #oops


LODD Captain Bowen’s Story by Randy Mantooth #Firefighter

Definitely a worthwhile video to watch pertaining to the Asheville Fire Department Captain Jeff Bowen Line Of Duty Death (LODD) in 2011.

*Personal note: Capt Bowen was one of my students in my Firefighter class.


Video produced by Randy Mantooth and sponsored by Masimo.

Jeff: Keep an eye out for all of us at the elevated IC.


Hold the phone…literally!

Hold the phone…literally!


With the weekend upon us, this should serve as your Friday public safety message to start the weekend.

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Firefighter self-rescue / bailout course in North Charleston SC

Back at it on the fireground for three days of teaching Firefighter bailout instructor class to North Charleston Fire (SC).


I’m glad to be working with these professionals for over 7 years now.


Also, it appears they got some new equipment as well….Boy oh boy did they spec this thing out well – I’m impressed!


Train like you fight was the mantra for all instructors who participated in classroom and then the hands on portion part in several training evolutions.


Looking forward to seeing them again very soon.


Also looks like we will be doing phase-2 and phase-3 training too.




Proud of Brother Firefighter Tyler Doohan

RIP Firefighter Tyler Doohan

photo (3)