A great additional flashlight for disasters #NatlPrep #PlanAhead

Flashlights (not just flashlight) are key components of your preparedness kit. But there are soooooo many kinds of flashlights to choose from. Keep in mind that handheld ones are important, but headlamps are AWESOME!

Headlamps are GREAT flashlights too bec they allow hands-free operation when gathering things to safely evacuate #NatlPrep

Planning with items like this is a great way to bring light to a dark situation. Yes, pun intended. Hands free makes life easier…esp in a disaster.

When writing up your families’ preparedness plan, don’t forget to include flashlights and a rugged headlamp!



Firefighter self-rescue / bailout course in North Charleston SC

Back at it on the fireground for three days of teaching Firefighter bailout instructor class to North Charleston Fire (SC).


I’m glad to be working with these professionals for over 7 years now.


Also, it appears they got some new equipment as well….Boy oh boy did they spec this thing out well – I’m impressed!


Train like you fight was the mantra for all instructors who participated in classroom and then the hands on portion part in several training evolutions.


Looking forward to seeing them again very soon.


Also looks like we will be doing phase-2 and phase-3 training too.