Save your #Family #Emergency #Communications #Plan on multiple devices #NatlPrep #PrepareAthon

Here’s an easy Saturday plan – take a few moments to have your Family Emergency Communications Plan in hard copy, saved on laptop/tablet, and of course on your smart phone enabled device.

By having multiple backup copies of your Family Emergency Communications Plan, you can be assured that during an evacuation, you’ll have instant access to it for use by any member of your family.

Nice work! Now, it’s Saturday! Get out there and have some fun!


But do it safely and responsibly.


“Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”



FREE Emergency Response Guidebook 2016 #HAZMAT #ERG

Morning peeps –

Here’s the new 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook 2016 for FREE


Consider downloading on all your computers, laptops, mobile data terminals (MDTs), tablets, and mobile devices.







Are you serious? This is NOT Infinite power #NatlPrep #Power

This better not be your plan when the power goes out…


One of the main reasons why people evacuate from the safety of their home is because they have no power source. For 2015 National Preparedness Month, here’s a few tips you can use before the power goes out:

  • Plan for batteries and other alternatives to meet your needs when the power goes out.
  • Ensure you have extra compatible batteries for any device that can run on battery power (i.e., cell phones, portable phones, medical or assistive devices, radios).
  • Consider purchasing hand-crank and solar-powered chargers.
  • Consider extra USB port battery packs so you are able to charge various devices.
  • Extra charging cables – and make sure they are over 5 ft long.

Because no one likes a dead cell phone or portable device right?

Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.


Plug into knowledge…and get better prepared today.

Be powered and Ready by starting here!


Never turn on or use this indoors #NatlPrep

2015 National Preparedness Month – and yes, it’s still a week worth of good power safety tips!

Never use a generator, gasoline-powered equipment and tools, grill, camp stove, or charcoal burning device inside or in any partially enclosed area, including a basement or garage.


Easy right? Use OUTSIDE!

Big or small…


…don’t forget to get your generator serviced regularly.


Or else this could happen.

cropped-1235 - Copy

Be careful!

Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.


Knowledge is power…so share your power safety tips with everyone.

Be Ready by starting here!


Firefighter self-rescue / bailout course in North Charleston SC

Back at it on the fireground for three days of teaching Firefighter bailout instructor class to North Charleston Fire (SC).


I’m glad to be working with these professionals for over 7 years now.


Also, it appears they got some new equipment as well….Boy oh boy did they spec this thing out well – I’m impressed!


Train like you fight was the mantra for all instructors who participated in classroom and then the hands on portion part in several training evolutions.


Looking forward to seeing them again very soon.


Also looks like we will be doing phase-2 and phase-3 training too.