My Dad saved our neighbor #NatlPrep

Plan for your family and neighbors? Absolutely!

Always check on your neighbors and make sure they are OK. You never know when you are going to have to save a life. #NatlPrep

Proud Father moment…about my own Dad. You see, he saved our neighbor’s life. Like for reals.

A few weeks ago, while my Father and our family’s dog (Buster) were out in the back yard, they noticed our elderly neighbor face-down in the yard. Not knowing the situation, my Father jumped the fence and rendered immediate medical care, called 9-1-1, and helped guide the HFD Engine and C&C Ambulance to the patient.

My Dad being shy, would easily be the first one to shrug it off and downplay his actions. But it’s really small things like this that make a difference in the lives of so many.

It is in my opinion that if my Father did not jump the fence and immediately rendered aid, our neighbor would have surely died. Now, our neighbors have more time to spend with their entire family together. So I cannot stress enough the importance of doing extraordinary stuff for people…like your neighbors.

This whole week, we have focused on doing things for others. On this #AlohaFriday, I’d like you to keep my Father’s actions in mind as you do the same for your neighbors.

I am so proud of my Dad.





Save your #Family #Emergency #Communications #Plan on multiple devices #NatlPrep #PrepareAthon

Here’s an easy Saturday plan – take a few moments to have your Family Emergency Communications Plan in hard copy, saved on laptop/tablet, and of course on your smart phone enabled device.

By having multiple backup copies of your Family Emergency Communications Plan, you can be assured that during an evacuation, you’ll have instant access to it for use by any member of your family.

Nice work! Now, it’s Saturday! Get out there and have some fun!


But do it safely and responsibly.


“Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”



Apps away~! #NatlPrep #free #app #tech

Final week of 2015 National Preparedness Month!


Don’t freak out, still lots of things to do like download a bunch of free apps for your smart phone!

Here’s an example of a good app from the State of North Carolina Emergency Management Agency’s ReadyNC.


The ReadyNC app It talks about numerous preparedness activities as well as what to do after an emergency. Download it here.

FEMA’s got a great app that you can use to reference great info on disasters and preparedness.


Additionally you can check out their new Disaster Reporter feature, Social Hub, and get free vetted weather alerts. Download it here.

Easy way to inform others? Get out there and present/share your preparedness efforts with all your partners in public safety.

11924378_858085664269566_590833388663641918_o - Copy

You know the phrase: An ounce of prevention/preparedness can save…..

Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.


Download a bunch of free apps today!.

Get your Mundays over by clicking here!


Here’s my top 5 commercials from the Superbowl #SB49

In reviewing all the commercials from yesterday’s Superbowl – here’s my top 5.

Targeting their audience, Chevrolet knows how to play off manly pickup trucks. I would buy one if I wasn’t already going to buy a Chevrolet SUV.


I also found myself assessing my home safety measures after Nationwide made me question my ability as a parent. However, it did pull at a different target audience that is normally not addressed during sporting events.


Who doesn’t love a dog! But thanks to a mediocre beer conglomerate, we are all reminded that iconic horses that pull beer will save a lost dog. Thanks Budweiser.


The world is full of amazing gadgets and technology. In 2015, we need to dedicate more of our efforts to making sure these get implemented into everyday life. Thanks Microsoft and keep up the good work Braylon.


Good to see PIerce Brosnan again. Not what I expected…especially playing off his former life as 007. I would still not purchase a Kia.


Bonus-1: Thanks to my new job as a Dad, my daughter will definitely know that #LikeAGirl will mean amazing things. Thanks Always.


I’d love to hear your thoughts or your favorite commercials.


Great save USCG and bonus points for mentioning PFDs & EPIRBs

Well done to the US Coast Guard’s crews from D14 – great save!

(U.S. Coast Guard courtesy photo)

(U.S. Coast Guard courtesy photo)

Bonus points on the safety message of a life jacket/personal flotation device (PFD) and an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB).


Well done external affairs.


Outstanding save by Cleveland Police – all caught using body cam technology

Great story by Fox 8 Cleveland Anchor/Reporter Mark Zinni.


OUTSTANDING save by Cleveland Police all caught on camera thanks to the new body camera technology


Great job Cleveland Police Officer Ismael Quintana!







Breaking news…get a chair and do this now #Fallback

It takes less than 15 seconds…and you have to do this now.


Seriously, do it now.

Fall back = Change your smoke detector batteries and set your clocks back.

Thank you for helping yourself in staying alive.


Firefighter on Truck Company rescues cat from house fire

It’s Friday…and I bet it’s been quite a week for everyone.

We all need a few moments of hope and smiles for this weekend.

Fresno Firefighter Cory Kalanick chalks another one in the save column with this interior rescue effort using a GoPro Camera.

Even if you don’t like cats (or kitten savers), you just gotta love it.

Way to go Brother.

Best. Job. In. The. World.