My favorite Superbowl commercials? #SB52

My favorite commercials from the Superbowl last night?

Thank you Budweiser.

(But what about the US Virgin Islands?)

Also, thank you Verizon for that breathtaking 1991 image of heroism and call to duty by FDNY Rescue-1 Firefighter Shea.

Trust me, every single #Firefighter worth their weight, knows this image and the events leading up to this.

Me? I am glad to be a small part of organizations and agencies that continue the good fight to provide safety to countless citizens. I am humbled by these companies that took the focus from their “widget” and turned the attention to those who have dedicated their life to serve.

Thank you.


P.S. Good football game too.

Proud to have trained #EmergencyManagement and #PublicSafety for the Superbowl

Proud to have been a small part of the DHS/FEMA Incident Command training for all public safety professionals at the Superbowl today.

Have fun in Minneapolis…

…and most importantly, keep em safe peeps!



Here’s my top 5 commercials from the Superbowl #SB49

In reviewing all the commercials from yesterday’s Superbowl – here’s my top 5.

Targeting their audience, Chevrolet knows how to play off manly pickup trucks. I would buy one if I wasn’t already going to buy a Chevrolet SUV.


I also found myself assessing my home safety measures after Nationwide made me question my ability as a parent. However, it did pull at a different target audience that is normally not addressed during sporting events.


Who doesn’t love a┬ádog! But thanks to a mediocre beer conglomerate, we are all reminded that iconic horses that pull beer will save a lost dog. Thanks Budweiser.


The world is full of amazing gadgets and technology. In 2015, we need to dedicate more of our efforts to making sure these get implemented into everyday life. Thanks Microsoft and keep up the good work Braylon.


Good to see PIerce Brosnan again. Not what I expected…especially playing off his former life as 007. I would still not purchase a Kia.


Bonus-1: Thanks to my new job as a Dad, my daughter will definitely know that #LikeAGirl will mean amazing things. Thanks Always.


I’d love to hear your thoughts or your favorite commercials.