My favorite Superbowl commercials? #SB52

My favorite commercials from the Superbowl last night?

Thank you Budweiser.

(But what about the US Virgin Islands?)

Also, thank you Verizon for that breathtaking 1991 image of heroism and call to duty by FDNY Rescue-1 Firefighter Shea.

Trust me, every single #Firefighter worth their weight, knows this image and the events leading up to this.

Me? I am glad to be a small part of organizations and agencies that continue the good fight to provide safety to countless citizens. I am humbled by these companies that took the focus from their “widget” and turned the attention to those who have dedicated their life to serve.

Thank you.


P.S. Good football game too.

15 years ago, things were a bit different

15 years ago. Things were a bit different.

626MB on the go w/ Joe Mag

626MB departing with Lead Pilot Joe Mag

Hey Kelly, did you know, I’m still being called “Kaito”?

Kelly and Kaito

Kelly and Kaito

While some of our uniforms or missions or jobs have changed, we will never forget.

Glad to have you around Joe P.

Miss you Bill and Kel.


Its #EMSWeek2014 – We need your help in roadway safety #Paramedic #EMT #Firefighter

It’s #EMSWeek2014 – Stressing safety to everyone is an important part of our job.

We are seeing more car crashes due to distracted driving. Put down your phone and pay attention to the road. As emergency responders, I would hate to meet you for the first time like this…


Worse yet, we don’t want to get hit.


Distracted driving can injure and kill. Remember, don’t text and drive.

Please, share this message with others and stress the importance of roadway safety.

And again, thank all your first responders for their dedicated service.



By ground or by air, EMS does it all #EMSWeek2014

It’s #EMSWeek2014 – Did you know EMS uses many different vehicles/apparatus?


By ground or by air, Emergency Medical Services Professionals care for the sick and injured in so many different ways.

Thank all your first responders for their dedicated service.



DYK – many Firefighters are also Paramedics too? #EMSWeek2014

It’s #EMSWeek2014 – Did you know many Firefighters are also Paramedics? Thank your first responders for their dedicated service.


Thank your first responders for their dedicated service.




Thank all of your EMS Professionals this week #EMSWeek 2014 #EMS #EMSWeek2014

Celebrate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week on May 18th – 24th 2014. Numerous communities across the nation, as well as several national events are planned around this year’s theme “EMS: Dedicated for Life.”


Thank all of your Emergency Medical Services Professionals this week. During any crisis or disaster or everyday emergency, these men and women bring emergency care to anyone in need.

Just in 2014 alone, we’ve had numerous school shootings, tornados hit several southern states, a landslide in Washington, wildfires in California, and flooding in Florida. EMS professionals work tirelessly day-in/day-out to assist and support others who are sick or injured. At every call, EMS treats and transports people in their most critical times of need 24-hour a day – dedication, professionalism and commitment.

Each year EMS Week honors the contributions of EMS Professionals throughout the country and stresses the need and importance of strong public support for all our EMS Providers.


Happy National Emergency Medical Services Week!