Demobilized from Hurricane Irma, now headed back out again

I just demobilized from Hurricane Irma. Total of 42 days.

One thought as I repack: I have never worked so hard and had to use ALL my learned PIO skills and tricks in just one disaster.

Few hours to make the turnaround in Cleveland.

Now headed to support another DHS mission with the US and Canada.

Evoking the famous quote from Ray Stantz: “Oh, I got to get some sleep, I’m dying.”


Cleveland Police FacebookLive for NICE – confiscated rifle with drum

Got to work with Cleveland Police today on an ongoing campaign for safety within the community.

But it was such a nice day today that we decided to roll it out in front of Cleveland Police HQ. FYI-a downtown public open plaza makes it a bit more challenging to do live social media feeds.

No time for funny business because FacebookLive is…well LIVE! So no second takes, redo, or screwing around!

OK, a little screwing around.

Yes, sharing the message on FacebookLive does aggregate the video higher on Facebook users’ feed and notifications – however, the content needs to be engaging. Also, needs a teaser, and lead in, and most importantly, a hook!

The story of the arrest flowed easily and the officers were able to recount the events. Like countless police officers across this country, all are proud of the work they do within every community and continue to provide tireless service to their constituents.

Did you see Cleveland Police talking about N.I.C.E. and their apprehension?

I’ll give you a hint, it had to deal with taking guns off the street…also our hook.

N: Neighborhood

I: Impact

C: Community

E: Engagement

Well, if you missed it, you can watch the full FacebookLive video here:

I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes PIO views.

I’m glad to be working with a great organization to bring more safety to all residents in the community.


Quarterly PIO training today for NEO Public Information Officers

Looking forward to seeing my fellow PIOs this afternoon for the quarterly NorthEast Ohio Public Information Officer (NEO-PIO) training at WKYC (NBC Affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio).

Glad to be able to put a face to a voice…and to be able to talk under non-stressful times is so nice.

For all PIOs/PAOs – Building relationships and networking are critical components of a successful communicator. Yeppers, networking is soooo….

Indeed it is Gretchen



#PrideInTheCLE on a perfect Saturday in downtown #Cleveland

Solid morning setup with all the public safety pros in Cleveland for Pride Parade today #PrideInTheCLE

Even Charlie Pop is up and taking a look at a few things from above too.

Planned out a few things with one of my favorite PIOs… Cleveland Police Sgt Jennifer Ciaccia!

It’s worth a note that this is the first time the CPD Honor Guard was able to participate and lead the parade.

Everyone should be proud of a city that supports diversity from so many different communities.

Had a chance to see the Cleveland Police Bike Unit out along the parade route.

Adorned with festive flags, Cleveland Police bike unit is there to support the community.

Glad to see law enforcement leadership out amongst the community too. Here’s Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and members of the bike unit posing for pictures. 

Additionally, we caught the mounted unit getting into the party too. Apparently, Red Bull gives you wings. Pegasus!

Police 👮 recruitment table was setup and answering lots of questions from the general public on the upcoming entrance requirements.

Also had a chance to do some interviews with CPD Explosive Detection K9 Benny!

Seriously, we have worked numerous events with them – great team!

Thousands marched along the parade route and then at the entrance to Cleveland Public Square…

…and thousands more met them at downtown public square.

Fun day for everyone downtown!

Special thanks to the field PIO reporting team of Jen and Kevin at #PrideInTheCLE.

Our second year doing field PIO stuff from the parade route.

Reporting live from downtown Cleveland Public Square…