Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals

Starting game-4 of the 2018 NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio-

That’s right, let’s get some IAP action on for the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors!

Like all good Emergency Management actions – all briefings done and documents like the comprehensive IAP helps bring everyone together on the same operational plan.

As field PIOs, we are out and about during the game.

Half time inside FanFest was quite busy.

Lots of interesting people out and about.

Glad to see so many Cleveland Cavaliers’ fans out here to support the home team.

Even ran into a few media folks from California as well as locals who were out supporting the teams too.

Sur and Livingston

Sur and Livingston

In the end, the final outcome of the game was not so fun…

…but incredibly proud to work with so many all-hazards partners in public safety for the end of the 2018 NBA Finals.

Glad to be supporting solid professionals.

Bob, dance us out of the EOC will ya?!?

See you in 2019!


Another solid JIC JIS course on #AlohaFriday 

Today is DHS/FEMA’s G-291: JIC/JIS planning for Tribal, State, and Local PIOs!

Lots to talk about esp coordination with various all-hazards agencies.

Also glad to share a few PIO/JIC stories on 3-girls that were missing for 10+ years as well as the 2016 NBA Championships, Republican National Convention, 2016 World Series, and 2017 NBA Championships.

On top of that, our class wanted to know more about social media so I can indulge a bit. Not only on #s, geolocation, platforms, etc….but also lots on newer wearable technology too.

As always in any class we instruct, we try to make fun and exciting. And yes, thumbs up for PIOs!

Special thanks to WTFD Capt Mike Pruitt for the coordination and hospitality.. Glad to see so many new PIOs in the audience.

Happy Aloha Friday peeps!


May we head into June 2017?

May is out like trout and June has come in with a slew of activities as well as the 2017 NBA Finals!

First week I’ll be in Missouri teaching my favorite class – Social Media Tools & Techniques and a functional social media exercise in Columbus. Yes I know, that means I won’t be attending the 2017 UASI Conference in Buffalo. #Boooo. However, my free time will be spent at Game-3 and Game-4 of the 2017 NBA Championships. #GoCavs!!!!!

Second week I will be teaching the FEMA EMI Incident Management Team Plans Section Chief Course in Cincinnati. With so many members from USAR Ohio Task Force-1 (including Schulmann) attending, it’s going to be a fun class. Are you attending?

Third week I think I got blessed with the approval to take the IMT Incident Commanders course at the home EOC in Columbus. Lemme see if I can login this time (Password “JOSHUA”).

Fourth week will be doing some tactical training including quals. #pewpew

Honestly, I just hope to stay afloat this month.

Additionally, June 2017 will serve as the foundation month for the 2018 training schedule. Who’s ready for more classes?!?!?!?

Get your learn on!



Lots of players in service for the 2016 NBA Champions – The Cleveland Cavaliers!

Big parade today for the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers the NBA Champions!


Early in the morning, the east side Rapid lines appeared to have 1,500 at the end terminals snaking across parking lots in Van Aken Blvd Plaza.

On the west side, people started walking in strange places around the airport. That’s not the best idea.¬†And no, that’s not a sidewalk there.


Abandoning your car at the cell phone lot isn’t a good idea.

Parking was full to the gills. People were very creative in parking and riding into downtown.


Inside the terminal, lines resembled Disneyland style waits. Line was snaked down into the entrance of Rapid entry…


…then lines continued through baggage claim and out past the rental car pickup line. Likely a solid 1,600 waiting to get on the Rapid there.


Good time to remind everyone “If you see something, say something” – DHS


Deep inside the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), many people were working hard to keep everything organized and provide information to those teams deployed out in the field.

IMG_3892 IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Trust me, lots of teams were deployed out and ready for immediate action.


I am especially Proud of Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire, and Cleveland EMS who did their best with the estimated 1.3 million spectators who came into town to witness history and just “hang out”.


To those 45 families who lost their children during this event, public safety forces worked well together to shelter your kids and protect them from dangers.

Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers in their 2016 NBA Championship.

Hope to do it again next year.