Fun with tourniquets! #trauma

Quick – take the picture will ya!

Yearly tourniquet competency – check!

Few notes for those that want to get/use one.

  • We all have bigger clothes (esp in the winter time). Get the larger width and size tourniquet.
  • Deploy and activate your equipment using your non dominate hand. It is likely that your primary hand maybe occupied or injured.
  • Tighten ALL the way down. And then turn until the bleeding stops.
  • Most importantly, train with your equipment…esp immediate critical intervention stuff.

Hope you never have to use this on anyone else or yourself.


Cleveland Fire death announcement

I am deeply saddened by the horrific shooting and death of Cleveland Fire Lt. William Walker in Cleveland, Ohio. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this senseless tragedy, especially his family and loved ones.

Will was a seasoned EMS instructor and was well liked by all of us in the Fire/EMS community…But most importantly, Will was a friend.

As local law enforcement agencies continue to respond to and investigate this tragic event, all emergency services in here in NE Ohio will provide any support necessary in the ongoing investigation.

For more details, Cleveland Police and Cleveland Fire will hold a presser in 30 minutes (11/04/13 at 1200 EST).