Closing out June with 4 regions and no sleep

I can’t believe we are already through more than half of 2019! Amazing how time flies. Lots more to do in 2019.

First week we have lots of new ICS classes/coordination as well as a class in Baltimore, MD.

Second week more FEMA Basic Academy TtT coordination and a class in Worcester, MA.

Third week, OMG, we #totes have a solid week of advanced social media across the State of Ohio. My old peeps!!!!!

Fourth week, we have another Basic PIO course and JIC/JIS course in Kentucky. I get to teach with a reporter. Funz!

Basically, it’s a 3-1-5-4 kinda month so likely lots of sleeping on planes, trains, and in automobiles. Will I see you in June?

Can’t stop, won’t stop.


June 2018 in the AOR

Dunzo with May so lets head into June!

First week I’ll be presenting at the Northeast Ohio MERT Symposium in Lake County, Ohio. then off to some Emergency Operations Plan Development & Review class and Emergency Planning process classes. However, my free time will be spent at Game-3 and Game-4 of the 2018 NBA Championships. #GoCavs #WhateverItTakes!!!!!

Second week will be some planning as well as time for my position paper on disaster communications

Third week will be Volunteer and Donations Management as well as some logistics training with my state peeps.

Fourth week will be a solid week training at the EOC as well as a quick class in the Disaster Assistance Process.

Solid month in the region in the AOR.

Making the jump from 32 to 2 is tough, but I’m up for any challenge.



Orig #Solar #Eclipse #NASA #Briefing + FREE #Preparedness tips + #Path + #glasses

If you wanted to hear the orig NASA Solar Eclipse (Briefing from June 2017):

Here’s how to prepare for the 2017 Solar Eclipse:

And just in case you want to know where to go for a total solar eclipse:

And yes, please don’t forget to WEAR YOUR SPECIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE GLASSES!!!!

Reporting live


May we head into June 2017?

May is out like trout and June has come in with a slew of activities as well as the 2017 NBA Finals!

First week I’ll be in Missouri teaching my favorite class – Social Media Tools & Techniques and a functional social media exercise in Columbus. Yes I know, that means I won’t be attending the 2017 UASI Conference in Buffalo. #Boooo. However, my free time will be spent at Game-3 and Game-4 of the 2017 NBA Championships. #GoCavs!!!!!

Second week I will be teaching the FEMA EMI Incident Management Team Plans Section Chief Course in Cincinnati. With so many members from USAR Ohio Task Force-1 (including Schulmann) attending, it’s going to be a fun class. Are you attending?

Third week I think I got blessed with the approval to take the IMT Incident Commanders course at the home EOC in Columbus. Lemme see if I can login this time (Password “JOSHUA”).

Fourth week will be doing some tactical training including quals. #pewpew

Honestly, I just hope to stay afloat this month.

Additionally, June 2017 will serve as the foundation month for the 2018 training schedule. Who’s ready for more classes?!?!?!?

Get your learn on!



Safety-PIO-SM 16-005: Inquiries during an emergency #Twitter #Media

16-005: Inquiries during an emergency
Agency: Irfan Khan and NBCLA Topic(s):       Twitter engagement & Crisis
Date: 09-30-16 Platform:       Twitter

After several Public Information Table Top Exercises and Social Media Workshops, many attendees have experienced reporters who have purposely bypassed officials for information and have directly contacted affected parties involved.


Social media has shortened the timeline for any news reporters – basically cutting INTO the chase. This can be exemplified by NBCLA Reporter Daniella Guzman’s reply on Twitter to Irfan Khan’s tweet he posted during an active shooter situation on UCLA’s campus in June 2016.

As you can tell by Irfan’s Tweet, raw parental emotion to protect his child who was hiding in a bathroom (from the shooter) is palpable. But what can Public Information Officers (PIOs) do about this? Not much since this social media platform lends itself to fairly open dialog for any ongoing emerging situations. Now, you could say that if the parent has enough time to tweet, that he/she has the right mindset to respond to reporters. However, when faced with a dire situation and the possible loss or death of an immediately family member –  most people do not respond well.

It is possible to deflect random victim/survivor inquiry attempts. PIOs could proactively monitor the common accounts or hashtags that emerge during the incident. In this situation, “#UCLA” was a common term that was used to associate tweets. Simply setting up a column in TweetDeck or HootSuite could provide another monitoring point for your Joint Information Center on redirecting inquiries. Once vetted, operations and tactics could use this information to increase Situational Awareness and Common Operating Picture (SA/COP).

For Irfan’s family, I am glad to report that Irfan’s daughter was found safe.

Three important tips to consider as soon as something kicks off:

  1. When an emergency occurs, setup a column in TweetDeck or HootSuite for the primary agency and mentions.
  2. Monitor common hashtags to help steer questions/inquiries into the Joint Information Center with trusted sources who can provide correct vetted information.
  3. People under duress may not respond well to random inquiries.

On Twitter, your public safety presence is important because you can help proliferate good sources of information by redirecting to official trusted sources.

Time is short, so Tweet good stuff!



June = 3 regions and 18 classes

June will be packed as I jam numerous classes in the Midwest while prepping for upcoming large events in Ohio.

First week I’ll be hitting it hard with an Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA) ICS-300 class at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Then busting out my best PIO moves for an OEMA Basic PIO course at Independence Fire Department. Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the southern most tip hanging with the pros from Washington County Ohio on a PIO/Crisis class and TableTop Exercise (TTE). Lots of important Ohio peeps attending courses. Love it!

Second week: I be hanging with the Cincinnati crews at an All-Hazards’ PIO course, then teaching a Joint Information Center (JIC) class at the EOC. On Friday, I’ll slide on over to Kentucky to deliver another social media course w/ Emory. A twofer with 5 and 4.

Third week I’ll be in Nebraska teaching crisis communications and social media. Region-7 baby!

Fourth week I’ll be speaking again at the National Floodplain Manager’s Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Back in Region-5!!!

Fifth week I’ll head out to Region 4 again in Mississippi to evaluate a few new instructor candidates.

Busy month. Not much time for error.

But I got this. Bring it June!

June 2015 and my first visit to Region-8

June will be a lighter schedule as I wind down on a few projects.

First week: I’ll be at the OEMA Basic Public Information Officers course including the JIC/JIS part. On camera interviews for everyone! (Region-5)

Second week: I am assigned to South Dakoka. My first time in FEMA Region-8 baby!

Third week: I will be in Florida (Region-4) piloting FEMA/NDPTC new social media presentation.

Fourth week: I’ll be back in Ohio and I *might* be working in an EOC or a field ICP.

Quieter month huh?