June = 3 regions and 18 classes

June will be packed as I jam numerous classes in the Midwest while prepping for upcoming large events in Ohio.

First week I’ll be hitting it hard with an Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA) ICS-300 class at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Then busting out my best PIO moves for an OEMA Basic PIO course at Independence Fire Department. Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the southern most tip hanging with the pros from Washington County Ohio on a PIO/Crisis class and TableTop Exercise (TTE). Lots of important Ohio peeps attending courses. Love it!

Second week: I be hanging with the Cincinnati crews at an All-Hazards’ PIO course, then teaching a Joint Information Center (JIC) class at the EOC. On Friday, I’ll slide on over to Kentucky to deliver another social media course w/ Emory. A twofer with 5 and 4.

Third week I’ll be in Nebraska teaching crisis communications and social media. Region-7 baby!

Fourth week I’ll be speaking again at the National Floodplain Manager’s Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Back in Region-5!!!

Fifth week I’ll head out to Region 4 again in Mississippi to evaluate a few new instructor candidates.

Busy month. Not much time for error.

But I got this. Bring it June!

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