All-Hazards participants in today’s class in South Dakota

Here for the class today. Numerous all-hazards responders including US Department of Interior, Bureau of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR), US Forestry Service, FireAttack T-1/2 AHIMTs, local law enforcement, infrastructure, utilities, public safety comms, PIOs, healthcare, Tribal agencies, and Emergency Management professionals from South Dakota.

Nothing gets in the way of good training!

In breaking for lunch just now, participants asked if the fella over there with the hella good hair had any Taylor Swift.

Yes, I’m a very accommodating instructor – no problem!

Reporting live from the EOC…FEMA Region-8 baby!

@rusnivek’s Top-6 Public Safety / PIO social media tips…for free

I had a thought this AM..I need to provide you more public safety social media tips. And since you only have 30 seconds to spare, maybe less, I’ll keep it very short.

SO, here’s part-1 of my top 6 SM tips for public safety professionals / Public Information Officers (PIOs). And yes, it’s free for you.

@rusnivek Social Media Tip-1: Post it first (because they don’t interview the runner-up).

If you don’t post it first, someone else will be first to tell your story.

And that’s going to suck…because only you tell your story the best.

It only takes a few minutes to tell your story. 

It takes a TON of money and time to fix the wrong story, and then to tell it right.

To put things in perspective, “There are no points for second place.”


Tip-1: Post it first (because they don’t interview the runner-up).