Tornadoes, Hurricane, Storm Surge oh my! #Irma

Aside from the Category-4 eye wall direct hit….

Aside from the possible tornadoes….

Man, that storm surge was bad!


Ready to do some disaster PIO stuff today in the Florida Keys.

My Dad saved our neighbor #NatlPrep

Plan for your family and neighbors? Absolutely!

Always check on your neighbors and make sure they are OK. You never know when you are going to have to save a life. #NatlPrep

Proud Father moment…about my own Dad. You see, he saved our neighbor’s life. Like for reals.

A few weeks ago, while my Father and our family’s dog (Buster) were out in the back yard, they noticed our elderly neighbor face-down in the yard. Not knowing the situation, my Father jumped the fence and rendered immediate medical care, called 9-1-1, and helped guide the HFD Engine and C&C Ambulance to the patient.

My Dad being shy, would easily be the first one to shrug it off and downplay his actions. But it’s really small things like this that make a difference in the lives of so many.

It is in my opinion that if my Father did not jump the fence and immediately rendered aid, our neighbor would have surely died. Now, our neighbors have more time to spend with their entire family together. So I cannot stress enough the importance of doing extraordinary stuff for people…like your neighbors.

This whole week, we have focused on doing things for others. On this #AlohaFriday, I’d like you to keep my Father’s actions in mind as you do the same for your neighbors.

I am so proud of my Dad.





On scene for your scope or live broadcast? Don’t forget to

Just a quick reminder to reporters doing their live shots from the scene AND also PIOs/PAOs who are doing their own Periscope or FacebookLive broadcasts from the scene.


Remember in Periscope, once you start, you can’t just zoom in frame to exclude redic onscene jokesters.

Remember to think about an alternate broadcast site. Just in case.

Imagine running away (with a selfie stick in hand) to get a less distracting frame…

Love you lots on this rainy Thursday.



I do not FAVORITE on Twitter – but I LIKE #SMEM

Stop saying favorite….say like!


In case you missed it, Twitter changed their “favorite” button to a “like” button.


Yep, it changed from a star to a heart.

Twitter has played off the move from “favorite” to “like” as a universal symbol. The hearts have also done well on Periscope, Twitter’s live broadcast social media app. Perhaps it’s their cross platform comfort by using the heart as their like too.

Although I am NOT much of a fan of the new change, it might make it easier for people to say the one-syllable “LIKE” vs that three-syllable “FAVORITE” – I guess.



In my life, I do appreciate Twitter saving me from saying two less syllables.

Either way, you should “LIKE” things on Twitter now.