Supporting infrastructure today #NEORSD

Slight change of PIO plans today as I was initially assigned to ESF-13 (Law Enforcement) – I have been reallocated to support infrastructure.

So today, I spent some time with the NorthEast Ohio Regional Sewer District, their PIO/Outreach team, and WallyWaterDrop.

WallyWaterDrop and Jessica from NEORSD sharing important safety tips and stickers with everyone..

Great outreach event with Parent Magazine and with so many from our local area.

Also had a chance to pop a quick Periscope live video too.

Nice work Jen Elting!

Here’s a behind the scenes action shot (aka “making the magic happen”).

PIOs in action! (L to R: K. Sur, WallyWaterDrop, and J. Elting) PC: Chief J. Brewington

Great day to support our partners in public safety esp our PIO pros at NEORSD are an invaluable resource.

Fortunately, there was a Starbucks close by…so you know. #hydration

PIO + Coffee = Happy! PC: Chief J. Brewington

Reporting live with some Starbucks…


Supporting fellow PIOs from Cleveland Water today

Today I’ll be supporting fellow PIOs for Cleveland Water as they host open forum meetings with the community.


You can check out my periscope broadcast here.

Or, you can check out the Cleveland Water FPV FacebookLive camera here.

At the end, I’ll be doing some social media live broadcast stuff as well as some fun interview work with other PIOs and Commissioner.


BTW-2016 World Series game-3 is tonight in Chicago.


As always #GoTribe #RallyTogether



Reporting live from the step-and-repeat #IAEM16 

On arrival to the International Association of Emergency Managers 2016 Annual Conference, I had a few minutes to spare.

Photo Credit: Don Fisher

As usual, reporting live in front of the #IAEM step-and-repeat….

Periscoping Public Safety with Animals

I was discussing some Periscope tips with a few Police PIOs on an upcoming spot with the mounted unit. Great key points in the story, but I cautioned them on the variability and unpredictability of filming with animals.


Try your best to limit the view to close ups and reduce the amount of wide shots.

Also, consider having cut plan…aka alternate plan in case “stuff” happens.

(I should have posted this on Wednesday huh?)



PIO Tip: Frame your shot and reduce your onscene variables

I was finishing up my AARs and found a picture from the last night of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Quick tip for you PIOs doing field reporting: Frame your shot.


Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams doing an interview with Time Magazine. Obvious chalked roadway with profane statement behind him. Videographer is recording at an upward angle to frame his subject.

During the RNC, we found that it was critical to frame the shot. Onscene shots were particularly tough because so many activist groups had signs, chalked, or painted words that are inappropriate for pictures or even worse yet, uncontrolled live broadcast hits (Periscope or FacebookLive or YouTubeLive).

Additionally, live outdoor broadcasts from the scene are challenging because it is difficult to control the natural and man-made variables.

So as PIOs we need to reduce any signs, ropes, wires, etc….that could affect your framed shot.



Trust me, reduce the amount of variables to a bare minimum.

Focus your energy in delivering your message. #PIO



PIO training on #AlohaFriday

Lots of training for a Friday…

…on this #AlohaFriday.

Yep, they started periscoping w/ my phone.

Dang it Morales!

At the second station, it was a bit more relaxed, but found out there are more Pinterest users at the station than you would ever believe.

Happy #AlohaFriday everyone.


On scene for your scope or live broadcast? Don’t forget to

Just a quick reminder to reporters doing their live shots from the scene AND also PIOs/PAOs who are doing their own Periscope or FacebookLive broadcasts from the scene.


Remember in Periscope, once you start, you can’t just zoom in frame to exclude redic onscene jokesters.

Remember to think about an alternate broadcast site. Just in case.

Imagine running away (with a selfie stick in hand) to get a less distracting frame…

Love you lots on this rainy Thursday.



FacebookLive now popping FB emoticons in real-time feedback #SMEM

Whoa. Facebook Live now allows for pre-identified Facebook emoticons in live free floating display DURING Facebook Live.

Yep, Periscope should be a bit worried as this kind of action is now impinging on what makes Periscope so favorable to end users.


Feedback is indeed evolving and now getting more real-time.


Larger end user proliferation, larger audience, this one might be a game changer.

Welcome Facebook Live to the live video engagement mix!


#Periscope problems #AlohaFriday

Since many of you are using Periscope, I thought I would show you one of my most recent problems.

Although funny, there is no second take when on live TV.


Consider a tripod for your phone or even better/worse, a selfie-stick to stabilize your phone for windy days.

Additionally, I would also suggest your agency develop a “going wrong” plan for when things don’t go as planned especially for live broadcast on Periscope.

Consider the phrase, “As always, we will bring you more as the situation unfolds here in XXXXX. Follow us online at XXXXXX for the latest information.”

Because no one wants to flub the live hit.

Just giving you a way out of the scope.