Another presser with FL Gov in Key West #PIO Coordination

Started out the morning with a press conference w/ the Governor of Florida again here in Key West. My view from the podium.

Topic today was the Key West economic push “open for business” – glad to see the partnerships of city, county, state, and Federal partnerships making that happen.

PIO pro tip: You’ll want to position your DIV/SUP (FCO Cadre) in the right place. Glad I did.

Money baby….money!

As usual, Gov Scott did some post presser interviews w/ the USAToday, local stations, Orlando etc….And as I said before, we are fortunate to have great working relationships with so many media outlets from Miami…


…and even public radio showed up too!

It’s quite an amazing process to see everyone working together to recover from a major storm here in Florida.

Reporting live from the podium…


Periscoping Public Safety with Animals

I was discussing some Periscope tips with a few Police PIOs on an upcoming spot with the mounted unit. Great key points in the story, but I cautioned them on the variability and unpredictability of filming with animals.


Try your best to limit the view to close ups and reduce the amount of wide shots.

Also, consider having cut plan…aka alternate plan in case “stuff” happens.

(I should have posted this on Wednesday huh?)



Snapping preparedness messaging aka SnapSleet-Safety-PIO-SM-16-001

Using SnapChat for preparedness isn’t as easy as one would think.
So here is yesterday’s snap in sleet.

Few items that I have to ponder for next time:

1. Portrait vs landscape. Since MOST of our recipients will be viewing this on a mobile platform (vertical), we should shoot the videos in portrait mode. That makes “selfie” solo production a bit more difficult. Hint: You might want to stop making fun of that selfie-stick now and get one.

2. Outside conditions (esp in our line of work) necessitates an external lav mic. I have one and I totally forgot to use it.

3. Framing needs to be assessed because the shot needs to include room for text.

4. Remembering which side is up during landscape video shooting is important. (I purposely did it so I can see if viewers rewatched the video to get the full effect). But SnapChat’s analytics don’t show amounts on segments – it only shows who has initially watched.

5. My shot list should have included various parts of the vehicle. Similar to a news package, varied backgrounds would likely keep audiences more engaged and keep their interest.

6. Filming in sleet isn’t fun. 

7. Clean your lens. A lot.

8. Turn off your engine. Ambient noise will affect your sound (esp being so close). 

9. I should have used some sort of emoticons to appeal more to a younger demographic/audience.

10. Saving the snap to YouTube (in its entirety) so that it can be used for other preparedness efforts (including separated sections).

I know the 10 items are detailed and nerdy, but as PIO or PAO or Communications Pros, I feel we should regularly share our lessons learned with others so we can all improve our tactics and deliveries.

Have a safe weekend peeps.


Snow in the streets? Be careful or else this could happen to your kids #OHWX

It’s 2014 National Severe Weather Awareness Week from March 2nd through March 8th.

Do you have snow shovels and snow removal equipment in your emergency preparedness kit?

Do you have adequate clothing and blankets to keep warm?

How are the batteries in your NOAA Weather Radio so you can get immediate updates from the National Weather Service (NWS)?

During severe weather, minimize your travel. If travel is necessary, always keep a disaster supplies kit in your vehicle.

Bring pets/companion animals inside during winter weather. Move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water.

Snow day? Do not let kids play for long periods of time. Most everyone should stay away from the roads during severe weather. A great demonstration of why you should stay indoors by Fox29’s Steve Keeley.


Thanks Steve….In other news…

photo 1


Safety Tip: Downed power lines – 2014 National Severe Weather Awareness Week #OHWx

It’s 2014 National Severe Weather Awareness Week from March 2nd through March 8th.

Here’s some simple safety tips that you can share with your peeps to stay safe during the constantly changing weather.

Remember, NEVER touch downed power lines.


Keep away from loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the power company.

Walk carefully around the outside your home and check for loose power lines, gas leaks and structural damage before entering.

photo 2


Firefighter on Truck Company rescues cat from house fire

It’s Friday…and I bet it’s been quite a week for everyone.

We all need a few moments of hope and smiles for this weekend.

Fresno Firefighter Cory Kalanick chalks another one in the save column with this interior rescue effort using a GoPro Camera.

Even if you don’t like cats (or kitten savers), you just gotta love it.

Way to go Brother.

Best. Job. In. The. World.