TacoTuesday and I’m hangry already!

Sometimes people stress eat. And sometime people just get real hangry. Either way, being hungry isn’t a good situation.

Speaking of hungry, it’s #TacoTuesday.

That’s why today might be a good day to assess your options in your preparedness kit or else this….

I don’t need you mouthing off to me. If you had the time to prepare, I will not be responsible for your hunger pains. So take a good look at your preexisting kit.

Double check for expiration dates.

Always consider packing fresh snacks. #SNAX

Hot sauce always works (I keep a big bottle of Sriracha in my desk at work and in my deployment kit).

Some favorite beverages will compliment that dry granola bars.

Sporks work well in a kit.

Can/bottle opener is equally important.

Maybe even refreshing your MRE cache…making sure you have the right flavor is totes important.

Let’s be real honest, once you review your preparedness kit, you’ll always revamp a few other things too.

So don’t delay, double check your preparedness kit today!


Few PIO takeaways from yesterday’s #CLEStPats Parade Spoxing

Few Public Information Officer (PIO) takeaways after yesterday’s #CLEStPats Parade.

#Spectacles are great for “hands-free” wearable technology…because its difficult to ride a bike and social media.

Duh! Hands free is great.

However, many people asked about my Spectacles which made it difficult to focus in on duty stuff.

The video activation on Spectacles was tough because I had/could only use my left hand only to start the video.

I wonder if those that have been following along on the SnapChat story, are disappointed when they see it’s only a “regular snap” vs “from Spectacles” in the top left identifier. I guess it’s the same viewer mindset as picture vs video because video appeals to more audiences with movement. Spectacles video is circular in nature, easy to expand view of scene. Here’s a quick example.

Here’s the view from a portrait style snap.

And here’s the same view bust just one of the possible views of a snap with viewer control of scene and framing.

Obv, lots more to see.

Additionally,  I can see many of the viewers expecting video as they are getting the “behind the scenes” details with consistent narration. Which means – WE HAVE TO KEEP TALKING ALL THE TIME! Yikes.

As for Spectacles, you might want to consider your breathing as part of the “production” because my Spectacles picked up my breathing standing still and on the bike.

Wind blocking isn’t so great on them – so your “action” movement might be tough to record proper audio. There are no visible ports on SnapChat’s Spectales to attach an external mic.

Again, fun times yesterday with Cleveland Police and so many all-hazards partners in public safety.

If we consistently support each other, we will all succeed in our respective missions.

Be safe out there peeps!


Does it fit? Third looks – my #Spectacles from SnapChat Part-3

Third looks – my #Spectacles from SnapChat Part-3. This time, it’s about size.

Yep, you heard that right, it’s one size fits all.

Me? Well, I don’t exactly have a classic Caucasian face with a sharp nose and chiseled chin. But they sit kinda pinch the bridge of my nose. However, everyone wears their sunnies differently.

Tip-3: If you see someone wearing them in the wild, ask them to try it on.

(I also heard Shaq tried them on at CES this year too.)

BTW-no animals were harmed in the video.

More to come.



Second looks at my #Spectacles From #SnapChat Part-2

Here’s my second observation with SnapChat’s #Spectacles

Duh right?!?!

Additionally, I am sure you are downloading your content in HD so that drains the battery even more because you are transferring it over bluetooth.

Sucking it dry…with social media.

More tomorrow peeps.



First looks at my #Spectacles From #SnapChat Part-1

Here’s my first observation with SnapChat’s #Spectacles

They are big. Here’s a comparison from my Spectacles vs an ordinary pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.


Obv featuring an Engine and a Squad.

Yeah yeah, I know they are now called Snap, but I believe if you reference “Snap” this is what most everyone thinks.

More tomorrow peeps.



Hoping these #Spectacles are neeto

Well, it’s almost like wearing a helmet around all the time.


Wearable tech is the next big hardware gap. Fitness trackers and blue tooth headsets are indoctrinating many of you into accepting the next wave. Just get the chip implanted will ya?!?

In the meantime, I’ll be styling.


I’m gonna straight nerd it up now. I’m bringing #nerdyback


Election Day SnapChat filters #Spectacles

I see SnapChat (now known as SnapInc) is capitalizing on this 2016 Election Day with a whole bunch of different snap filters.


Also pondering if they have a stronger presence in swing states by capitalizing on geolocation filters and then using it for poll and voter analytics.


I also wonder what filters (if any) they have that are specifically associated w/ their new SnapChat’s Spectacles (SnapInc’s new Sunglasses that pair with the SnapChat).



Snapping preparedness messaging aka SnapSleet-Safety-PIO-SM-16-001

Using SnapChat for preparedness isn’t as easy as one would think.
So here is yesterday’s snap in sleet.

Few items that I have to ponder for next time:

1. Portrait vs landscape. Since MOST of our recipients will be viewing this on a mobile platform (vertical), we should shoot the videos in portrait mode. That makes “selfie” solo production a bit more difficult. Hint: You might want to stop making fun of that selfie-stick now and get one.

2. Outside conditions (esp in our line of work) necessitates an external lav mic. I have one and I totally forgot to use it.

3. Framing needs to be assessed because the shot needs to include room for text.

4. Remembering which side is up during landscape video shooting is important. (I purposely did it so I can see if viewers rewatched the video to get the full effect). But SnapChat’s analytics don’t show amounts on segments – it only shows who has initially watched.

5. My shot list should have included various parts of the vehicle. Similar to a news package, varied backgrounds would likely keep audiences more engaged and keep their interest.

6. Filming in sleet isn’t fun. 

7. Clean your lens. A lot.

8. Turn off your engine. Ambient noise will affect your sound (esp being so close). 

9. I should have used some sort of emoticons to appeal more to a younger demographic/audience.

10. Saving the snap to YouTube (in its entirety) so that it can be used for other preparedness efforts (including separated sections).

I know the 10 items are detailed and nerdy, but as PIO or PAO or Communications Pros, I feel we should regularly share our lessons learned with others so we can all improve our tactics and deliveries.

Have a safe weekend peeps.