Everyone’s doing it! #Winter #Weather #Preparedness

Initiate #Disaster #preparedness!!!!

Yep, that’s the ever popular and infamous #bread #milk #eggs 🤣

Now what the heck am I supposed to make with this stuff?!?!?



First looks at my #Spectacles From #SnapChat Part-1

Here’s my first observation with SnapChat’s #Spectacles

They are big. Here’s a comparison from my Spectacles vs an ordinary pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.


Obv featuring an Engine and a Squad.

Yeah yeah, I know they are now called Snap, but I believe if you reference “Snap” this is what most everyone thinks.

More tomorrow peeps.



Was SnapChat eyeing out Eyebobs’ logo? I smell lawsuit! #SMEM #SnapChat

Sounds like SnapChat is getting sued by Eye Bobs.


I guess I can kinda see it, but they are in a total different business right?

Well, kinda. Hardware is sorta the same.

TMZ was the first one to post the story. Direct link to their story here.

BTW-if you see the Spectacles machine, LMK. I want one.