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Initiate #Disaster #preparedness!!!!

Yep, that’s the ever popular and infamous #bread #milk #eggs 🤣

Now what the heck am I supposed to make with this stuff?!?!?



Let’s talk about Mitigation!

Another piece of the recovery effort is to breech the subject of mitigation.

We had several teams throughout the state placed in strategic locations – talking about mitigation strategies for various natural disasters.

Many of our teams handed out free flyers and pamphlets discussed ways to better mitigate dangers and potential issues at their residence or business.

Additionally, we also hosted several mitigation seminars across the state. Usually packed, we had lots of questions from disaster survivors

The one pictured above was in the second floor of the community’s fire station.

These types of community events are made so that residents have the ability to engage with Federal partners and ask questions, dispel rumors, and give a better understanding to processes.

And yes, no matter how early, mitigation and preparedness are such a critical part of phases of emergency management.


Family plans: Comforting items for children in disaster #NatlPrep 

When making your plan for your family do include planning for all the kiddos. 

Keep comforting items like favorite stuffed animals that will help children cope with adverse events in an emergency. 

For more preparedness tips this month, follow along throughout the month. 

Stay safe and plan ahead! 


Apparently, my first tweet…was not that exciting. #LoveTwitter

Apparently, my first tweet…was not that exciting.

I guess that’s OK, because I was not out galavanting (or goofing off) on a Tuesday night at 11:28 PM.

Either way, Happy 10 years Twitter!

Looking forward to many more tweets!



You know it…Home of the brave!

Despite the negative outlook that the national media paints for viewers near and far, it isn’t all bad. Truthfully, because it is easier to share, negativity will only nurture ill will and infect those around you like the plague.

The future of America, my America, lies within and it is our mission we are successful. It is ingrained in each of our souls because…we are Americans and no matter the odds, we fight for what’s right. No matter the dangers, we will continue our plight for freedom that no other nation is willing to offer. 

We must continue to promise that the freedom in our hearts will be shared with the world and our dedication to our forefather’s dreams will be honored for centuries to come.

You know it…the home of the brave!


Fearbola vs the homemade HAZMAT suit #ebola

Fears of Ebola have reached a fevered pitch. In fact, I believe there are more fake stories floating around than actual real facts.

I’d suggest you read up on spread/transmission.


Although, I had to LOL at this homemade HAZMAT level-A suit.
Bonus points for the hermetically sealed JCP bag.