Wipers on = Lights on! 2017 #National #Severe #Weather #Preparedness

2017 National Severe Weather Preparedness week.

As we start to experience more rain (April showers) – we need to constantly remind people – IF YOUR WIPERS ARE ON, TURN YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON!

Can you identify which vehicle doesn’t have their headlights on? Kinda hard to spot huh?

Despite daytime on a gloomy day, I think people just forget to turn their headlights on.

Consider using this safety meme whenever it rains.

Trust me, it’s free.

Every state is different so check your state and local laws. Or just turn them on whenever you turn your windshield wipers on.

More free severe weather safety tips this week…



Snapping preparedness messaging aka SnapSleet-Safety-PIO-SM-16-001

Using SnapChat for preparedness isn’t as easy as one would think.
So here is yesterday’s snap in sleet.

Few items that I have to ponder for next time:

1. Portrait vs landscape. Since MOST of our recipients will be viewing this on a mobile platform (vertical), we should shoot the videos in portrait mode. That makes “selfie” solo production a bit more difficult. Hint: You might want to stop making fun of that selfie-stick now and get one.

2. Outside conditions (esp in our line of work) necessitates an external lav mic. I have one and I totally forgot to use it.

3. Framing needs to be assessed because the shot needs to include room for text.

4. Remembering which side is up during landscape video shooting is important. (I purposely did it so I can see if viewers rewatched the video to get the full effect). But SnapChat’s analytics don’t show amounts on segments – it only shows who has initially watched.

5. My shot list should have included various parts of the vehicle. Similar to a news package, varied backgrounds would likely keep audiences more engaged and keep their interest.

6. Filming in sleet isn’t fun. 

7. Clean your lens. A lot.

8. Turn off your engine. Ambient noise will affect your sound (esp being so close). 

9. I should have used some sort of emoticons to appeal more to a younger demographic/audience.

10. Saving the snap to YouTube (in its entirety) so that it can be used for other preparedness efforts (including separated sections).

I know the 10 items are detailed and nerdy, but as PIO or PAO or Communications Pros, I feel we should regularly share our lessons learned with others so we can all improve our tactics and deliveries.

Have a safe weekend peeps.