PIO Tip: Frame your shot and reduce your onscene variables

I was finishing up my AARs and found a picture from the last night of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Quick tip for you PIOs doing field reporting: Frame your shot.


Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams doing an interview with Time Magazine. Obvious chalked roadway with profane statement behind him. Videographer is recording at an upward angle to frame his subject.

During the RNC, we found that it was critical to frame the shot. Onscene shots were particularly tough because so many activist groups had signs, chalked, or painted words that are inappropriate for pictures or even worse yet, uncontrolled live broadcast hits (Periscope or FacebookLive or YouTubeLive).

Additionally, live outdoor broadcasts from the scene are challenging because it is difficult to control the natural and man-made variables.

So as PIOs we need to reduce any signs, ropes, wires, etc….that could affect your framed shot.



Trust me, reduce the amount of variables to a bare minimum.

Focus your energy in delivering your message. #PIO



Fill er up please! #NatlPrep #power

This week has been chock full of preparedness tips for power outages.

I know each of you have been working hard at preparing your kits, double checking and updating your supplies. Today’s tip addresses your ride (aka your whip):

Keep your car gas tank at least half full. Gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps. You’ll also have a good method for charging devices in an emergency or, if necessary, moving to a location with power.

To bring a smile to your Saturday, here’s a quick video for you

Keep your tanks filled…and sing loud and proud!

Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.


Knowledge is power…so share your power safety tips with everyone.

Filler up and be ready by starting here!


Powerful recruitment tool for terrorist groups #SMEM

Quote for today by the US State Department:

“The State Department regards social media as a powerful recruitment tool for terrorist groups…”


Peeps! Know the power of social media and use your social media powers for good.

The latest offering from the US State Department – Think Again Turn Away

Counter bad stuff and show the truth about this evil group

Always remember DHS’ line, See Something, Say Something