Demobilized from Hurricane Irma, now headed back out again

I just demobilized from Hurricane Irma. Total of 42 days.

One thought as I repack: I have never worked so hard and had to use ALL my learned PIO skills and tricks in just one disaster.

Few hours to make the turnaround in Cleveland.

Now headed to support another DHS mission with the US and Canada.

Evoking the famous quote from Ray Stantz: “Oh, I got to get some sleep, I’m dying.”


Powerful recruitment tool for terrorist groups #SMEM

Quote for today by the US State Department:

“The State Department regards social media as a powerful recruitment tool for terrorist groups…”


Peeps! Know the power of social media and use your social media powers for good.

The latest offering from the US State Department – Think Again Turn Away

Counter bad stuff and show the truth about this evil group

Always remember DHS’ line, See Something, Say Something