National Preparedness Month starts today! #NatlPrep #PrepareAthon

Welcome to National Preparedness Month – my favorite month!


I’m so excited #Obv


Lots of great things are happening across the country. So many public safety pros are contributing and supporting their communities this year.


Trust me, across this great country, I’ve presented a bunch, shared some engaging ideas, and made lots of phone calls.


Excited to see everyone’s A-game on Preparedness. For more ideas, check out


“Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”


Tomorrow is the start of… #NatlPrep #PrepareAthon

Tomorrow is the start of the 2016 National Preparedness Month. MY FAVORITE MONTH!


For those in public safety, this is an incredibly important month where we highlight preparedness efforts for all of our personnel and general public.


If you’ve sat in any of my classes before, you know that I am passionate about sharing the message of preparedness.


Lots of big plans including a special trip to Washington DC. Details to follow.


What the what?


Hi Craig-You know I double-checked my emergency preparedness kit. #NatlPrep #PrepareAthon

Everyone is participating. Everyone.

So I hope you join all of us in this national effort and participate because your friends and family look to you for good preparedness information.

“Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”


I do not FAVORITE on Twitter – but I LIKE #SMEM

Stop saying favorite….say like!


In case you missed it, Twitter changed their “favorite” button to a “like” button.


Yep, it changed from a star to a heart.

Twitter has played off the move from “favorite” to “like” as a universal symbol. The hearts have also done well on Periscope, Twitter’s live broadcast social media app. Perhaps it’s their cross platform comfort by using the heart as their like too.

Although I am NOT much of a fan of the new change, it might make it easier for people to say the one-syllable “LIKE” vs that three-syllable “FAVORITE” – I guess.



In my life, I do appreciate Twitter saving me from saying two less syllables.

Either way, you should “LIKE” things on Twitter now.



640 Insta -> 1080 Insta #Instagram

Instagram just announced that it will go from 640×640 picture posts now to 1080 x 1080 picture posts.

This is most likely attributed to mobile hardware improvements since 2010 and camera phones now take excellent pictures. So to meet the new uploads and higher quality standards, Instagram changed their programming to allow users to include more.

So what does all that gobbledygook actually mean for the Instagrammer?

Before you could only post this type of image with marginal clarity (640 resolution).


Now, you can post this with better quality and better clarity (1080 resolution).


Bigger picture at a standard 1080 resolution, better clarity, and a much better story platform for your audience.

Picture border? Still square.

Time is short, so Gram good stuff.


Don’t forget to pack in your pet’s preparedness kit #NATLPREP #WOOF

Packing a pet preparedness kit? Don’t forget your pet’s favorite toys #WOOF #NATLPREP