Sunday! Sunday! Sunday has gone to the dogs! #NatlPrep #woof

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s the last week of 2015 National Preparedness Month!

I hope you showcase your new preparedness actions this Wednesday September 30th on 2015 National Preparedness Day!

This morning, I double checked my dog’s (Kacy – my PreparednessPup) emergency preparedness kit. As you can see, I have partitioned her food in individual ziplock packages to make it easier for portion control during feeding time.

And you guessed it, there are at least 3 days of food.


Having her own pet preparedness kit and making her carry it on her own if/when we have to evacuate will be a huge help.


Pet preparedness!!!!!


Master, I demand a rawhide for this NTED preparedness photo session.

For more information, check out the full details here.

Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.


Don’t hesitate, be paw-sitively sure your pets are prepared.

Always be ready by clicking here!


Pants down during a disaster? #NATLPREP #BreakingBad

Getting caught w/ your pants down during a disaster isn’t funny. Be Prepared! #NATLPREP #BreakingBad



Do you have all your PPE during every HAZMAT call? #NATLPREP #BreakingBad

Be prepared w/ proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on HAZMAT calls #NATLPREP #Firefighter #BreakingBad



During HAZMAT Operations…REHAB! #NATLPREP #BreakingBad

During HAZMAT Operations, don’t forget to rehab yourself #BreakingBad #NATLPREP #Firefighter



Support your local HAZMAT Teams during #NATLPREP month #BreakingBad

Support your local HAZMAT Teams during #NATLPREP month – they are experts w/ dangerous chemicals #BreakingBad



Mobile homes safe during tornadoes? #NATLPREP #BREAKINGBAD

Mobile homes are NOT SAFE for tornadoes. Abandon and head to nearest building/shelter! #NATLPREP



Safe place is an underground shelter? #NATLPREP

During a tornado, safest place to be is in an underground shelter #NATLPREP



Tornadoes hit w/ little warning #NOAA #OHWX #NATLPREP

Tornadoes hit w/ little warning. A NOAA Weather Radio provides immediate info #OHWX #NATLPREP



Tornado: WATCH vs Tornado #NATLPREP

In hopes to help you distinguish between a Tornado Watch vs Tornado Warning, I thought this guide would help you during an emergency.

Tornado Watch=Tornadoes possible in your area. Be alert! #NATLPREP


Tornado Warning=OMFG they spotted a tornado! Get to safety now! #NATLPREP


Hope this helps!


Dorothy, this week is all about Tornadoes #NATLPREP

Click your heels together Dorothy because this week is all about Tornadoes #NATLPREP