SnapChat added a map?

SnapChat added a map this AM.

Still unimpressed as it aggregates contacts and SnapChat stories.

Here are the instructions.

And you can ghost yourself too.

Not really useful for gathering general info.

Ghosting. Phleeze!

Maybe if I was friends with everyone.

Or maybe an open network. Duh.


Blizzard of 2015 meme – Hoard water, spam and bacon

Since we are talking about winter preparedness today, I am reminded about this meme created in 2015.


Yes, I said meme. It looks like a screen grab from a national news station, but it has been doctored up a bit. Obviously.

While I cannot support all the bullet points, I can tell you that first bullet point definitely on my list.

BTW-it’s Hoard water, SPAM, and bacon.

Long live the Oxford comma!



SM as tool for intel for a few Federal programs

Great meeting this afternoon with the leadership at the Department of Homeland Security Bi0Watch program today in the DC area.


I look forward to having more interaction for the conference calls, national conferences, and closed-door workshops showcasing the use of social media as one facet of on intelligence gathering and preparedness information dissemination.

Looking forward to seeing some of you folks later this year!


Special mahalos to Monique for intros.