Twitter is now tracking all other apps too! Freaked out?

So…this just happened to me.


Twitter will now track the activities from all your OTHER apps on your smart phone/tablet.

That’s right, Twitter will use:

  • your FourSquare/Swarm geolocation data to target you for ads.
  • your pictures to see what you take pictures of to target you for ads.
  • your songs to see what music you listen to so they can target you for ads
  • your Instagram photos to see who likes them so they can target ads to them.
  • your airlines apps so they can serve you targeted ads on your flights
  • your phone calls to see who/where you call so they can target ads to you/them.

You get the idea.

Yeowza Twitter.

From Twitter’s EULA: “…collecting and occasionally updating the list of apps installed on your mobile device so we can deliver tailored content that you might be interested in.”

Creeped out? You know you can disable this feature through the Twitter app’s settings menu. Depending on the iOS:

  • For iOS device users: disable this through setting —> account -> privacy -> Tailor Twitter based on my apps.
  • For Android users: settings -> account -> other ->Tailor Twitter based on my apps.

I get that Twitter would like to collect data with what I do using in the Twitter app. In fact, I expect it. However, I am a bit uncomfortable with Twitter collecting info from various other apps.

Not cool Twitter. Way to be that creepy Uncle.



SM as tool for intel for a few Federal programs

Great meeting this afternoon with the leadership at the Department of Homeland Security Bi0Watch program today in the DC area.


I look forward to having more interaction for the conference calls, national conferences, and closed-door workshops showcasing the use of social media as one facet of on intelligence gathering and preparedness information dissemination.

Looking forward to seeing some of you folks later this year!


Special mahalos to Monique for intros.


An open door response #whoops

The rig is sounding awfully loud tonight…


…those apparatus mechanics really can’t get anything right!


Typical – blame everyone else first.

So, it’s probably a good time to check your doors BEFORE responding to any calls.

EMS Flight crews do it. Maybe a 360 walk around is a good idea.

*FD names removed to protect the innocent*