Rethink your preparedness plans. Thanks #COVID

What can you do to improve your plans in 2020 National Preparedness Month?!?

With this COVID thing going on, we must be cognizant of new things in our preparedness plans. New challenges, esp in planning, make us rethink our orig plans.

But this is a good thing. A fresh set of eyes and new parameters that could help us enhance our preexisting plans!

I would say that we all need to add a few masks to our plan. Yep, add a few masks in your car, your work bag, etc….

Coronavirus Spurs Demand For Face Masks — But They're Surprisingly Hard To make : Goats and Soda : NPR

If you happen to work in close proximity to or a high contact environment, consider wearing a surgical mask over an N95 mask.

Rising Coronavirus Cases Put Fresh Strain on Mask Supplies - WSJ

Simple things like this could help enhance the protection and extend the life of your equipment. Not all places will be as prepared as you so I would take the time now to plan accordingly.

Aside from masks, I have changed my plans to have hand sanitizer in various locations. Not only car, but bags, pouches, belt loops, etc…

Funny Fruit Food Silicone Mini Hand Sanitizer Holder Travel Portable Safe Gel Holder Hangable Liquid Soap Dispenser Containers|Refillable Bottles| - AliExpress

(Disclaimer-I don’t own jeans)

This kind of proactive behavior allows me and those around me to be less at-risk of contracting COVID.

I can’t trust the places I go to have a fully-stocked hand sanitizer dispenser right?

Creative Nose Funny Practical Hand Sanitizer Bottle Nose Gel Dispenser – Pink-Always

I know you may be prepared, but the company you keep may not be as prepared as you.

So consider augmenting your plan for double masks, more hand sanitizer, extra set of gloves, etc….

nitrile gloves | Tumblr

Be even more prepared for stuff to happen!

Reporting live from 2020 National Preparedness Month!


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