There’s some-fin special about your situational awareness

Always keep your wits about you!

Maintaining good situational awareness is critical for any professional. So to help illustrate this, I submit this Thursday gem.

I’d make some sharp joke about between two ferns…

I was out patrolling and arrested a street shark…you know, just some dorsal profiling…

No lie, he thought I was jawsome….

OK OK OK…I’m here all night!

Be safe my peeps and maintain good situational awareness!



A better whistle for your emergency preparedness kit #NatlPrep #Prepared2014

Halfway in the third week of 2014 National Preparedness Month.

“Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare”

Can you sorta hear me now?

This week’s theme is consistent with FEMA’s National Preparedness Campaign: Build an Emergency Kit

#17: A whistle, better yet, an air horn in your preparedness kit to call attention to your emergency #Prepared2014 #NatlPrep


Whistles will help call attention to your situation wherever you are. I have one attached to the vehicle preparedness kit.

I get that a whistle is small, lightweight…but is it enough?

In retrospect, I purchased a few of these. An air horn. Not only is it easier to use, but also easier to activate and WAY louder too.


Note the line reading “Meets the USCG requirement for boats…”

I guess what I’m saying is that you can never be too loud huh?


Expensive? Nope. I got my very own air horn from Wal-Mart for a whopping $5.


*Also a necessity in your practical joke kit too.