Help your Grandparents out by doing this with them #NatlPrep #PrepareAthon

Still the second week of 2016 National Preparedness Month and hey you – I see you!


This week, we are focusing on helping family complete their family emergency communications plan. That’s right – go and help your Grandfather and/or Grandmother out!

Emergency Communications Plan

Helping everyone in your family can better prepare them for a disaster or emergency.


Be a good Grandson or Granddaughter and help out now. Don’t hesitate.


“Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”




Who waits for the newspaper?

C’mon, it’s 2014! Who waits for the newspaper?!!?!?!?


Even before the newspaper is printed, the information is obsolete…like finger nails on the chalkboard old.

Try to save a few trees and check out this thing called the internets.

It’s amazing.