EMS Zoom ZOOM! More like no-NO! #SlowTheEffDownNOW #Paramedic #EMT

EMS call – yes!

faster – Faster – FASTER!!!!

But I am sure this GoPro footage is being reviewed by all the bosses.

I can’t image that they’d be happy to see this.

Also, that siren is weird too.

Just keep in mind, if EMS doesn’t even make it to the scene because of their own reckless crash, who will treat the patient?



Safety first peeps.


Fast paced changes this week for 1Q 2015

In Emergency Management, we try to plan for every action.

In fact, Emergency Managers are lauded for “thinking of everything” or every conceivable option.


This week’s challenges have been particularly faster than others. Logistical issues as well as training issues have dominated this week’s docket.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to #AlohaFriday tomorrow.

Being agile with detailed planning will be the key to maintaining this pace through 1Q 2015.

Stay warm peeps!


Planning alternate travel routes to avoid adverse weather #NatlPrep #Prepared2014

Mowing this week down as we are almost to the middle of the second week in 2014 National Preparedness Month!

“Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare”

Terriffic Tuesdays are here!

This week’s theme is consistent with FEMA’s National Preparedness Campaign: Know How To plan for specific needs before a Disaster.

#9: When planning alternate routes for work or evacuation, factor in adverse weather conditions #NatlPrep #Prepared2014


By carefully planning your routes, you can prepare you and your family for adverse weather before it rolls in. Additionally, the use of your NOAA NWS Weather Radio to avoid bad weather will help you safely navigate to your destination in a timely fashion. Consider printing out maps w/ clearly defined routes for everyone in your family.

You do NOT want to mess with Mother Nature – so plan your routes accordingly and drive them often so you aren’t surprised by major/minor construction. Make sure you and your family are safe!

“Planning is everything.” – US President Dwight D Eisenhower.


Who waits for the newspaper?

C’mon, it’s 2014! Who waits for the newspaper?!!?!?!?


Even before the newspaper is printed, the information is obsolete…like finger nails on the chalkboard old.

Try to save a few trees and check out this thing called the internets.

It’s amazing.