Using ICS for wildfires and NIMS common terminology #NatlPrep

CalFire is working a coordinated ICS system to support ground operations #NatlPrep


As you guessed, CalFire has followed NIMS ICS for decades. Based out of McClellan Airfield, they can coordinate tanker/tender operations.

If you’ve ever been in command of an emergency or disaster, it’s hard to coordinate everyone together. This is why it is imperative to collaborate before an emergency. With wildfire operations, you have so many intricate parts over such a vast area – it really is a well orchestrated response.

Providing safety for all professionals is a must. To all the responders out in the field, keep up the good work!

Continue being vigilant in safety peeps.

For those that need some help w/ resource identification and why it’s so important, here’s a quick example of common terminology is SO important these days.


These are TANKERS


These are TENDERS

Get it? Got it? Good.

**If you still don’t get it, please review IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800, ICS-300, and ICS-400.

Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.



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