Spelling is algorithmically important for LinkedIn-Safety-PIO-SM-15-006

15-006: Spelling is algorithmically important for LinkedIn
Agency: LinkedIn platform Topic(s):       LinkedIn, Spelling
Date: 10-30-15 Platform:       LinkedIn

I have been asked to connect with many of you on LinkedIn. However, it is worth knowing that all Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn as a recruiting and verification tool so subsequently spelling your actual job title correctly is a good start for the automated systems to match your account.


I get everyone is busy with lots to do. But glaring errors like this are avoidable and as a manager, drove me to reject applications citing inconsistencies in work, history, and documentation.


Look, I don’t have the best spelling either. In fact, I’d blame some of my spelling miscues to #DYAC – but LinkedIn is NOT the place where you are allowed to make these errors.

Just think how detrimental it would be to abbreviate the word Assistant (“Asst”) and forget the “t” – dangerous especially when the HR hiring algorithm forever excludes you from all remaining searches because of vulgarity.

Important four things:

1. Spelling your job title correctly is important.

2. Correct spelling will allow more matches when companies use job algorithms.

3. If you connect, the requesting connection’s spelling error will appear on your timeline to ALL your connections.

4. Spelling errors are a reflection of your professional work.

As a Friday afternoon activity – I’m going to check my LinkedIn account for spelling errors now.

A simple but important factor to remember when using LinkedIn – a professional social media platform for your career and growth.

Time is short, so post (and spell) good stuff!


Or download the one-pager: LinkedIn-spelling-keywordsearches-Safety-PIO-SM-15-006


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