Structure vs Ambo – as usual, structure won #EMS

City & County of Honolulu: Ambulance accident w/ patient on 07-12-14.

Here’s the initial picture from the incident.


Court of FAKE808SPORTS

Few things to review:

1. Good reminder to check your “Maximum height is ****” plate on your rig.
2. Law enforcement officials should really know the area, including height clearances.

3. Even if Police are leading you out, Fire/EMS should always be aware of your surroundings.

4. Social media is fast and information pertaining to your ongoing situations will always be faster than a PIO.

5. I can already see it now: “Dear Chief, I don’t know what happened…”

6. Crews should have their seatbelts on at all times while the vehicle is moving.



Court of FAKE808SPORTS

Thoughts and prayers to the initial victim of the first emergency call.

I hope the leadership in Honolulu figure out the issues at hand. Emergency Service Professionals need some rest.



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