Got your stuff? Now practice and train with your cool stuff #NatlPrep #Prepared2014

It is the Monday starting out the fourth week of 2014 National Preparedness Month

“Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare”

Reporting live from PA in Region-3 baby!

This week’s theme is consistent with FEMA’s National Preparedness Campaign: Practice for an emergency

#22: Got your emergency preparedness stuff? Before SHTF, practice/train with your cool stuff! #Prepared2014 #NatlPrep


PEMA’s IMAT team brought their stuff out and made them operational. Seriously, they tested their portable toilets.

After talking with PEMA’s Special Deployment & Response Officer Norm Auvil, I found out that PEMA regularly trains with their local responders.

In fact, a few resources are working with the Pennsylvania State Police in their current hunt…I mean operation.

Even though it seems self-explanatory, bringing out all your equipment and setting up resources (including toilets) makes all the difference. Testing setups, esp timing your storage-to-operational times will set you apart from other agencies who will most likely be playing catchup in an emergency.

***And you never want to be caught with your pants down (See what I did there?)***

Continue to be vigilant in your training. Your state of readiness is SO important to your constituents and your partners in safety.



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