Final day of the FEMA Basic Academy Planning Emergency Operations course

Final day of the FEMA Emergency Management Basic Academy here DuPage County OHSEM. Lots of discussion about EOPs and #THIRA planning.

Enhancing the skills of our most trusted partners from Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois.

More group work as we address planning for our Whole Community response and recovery in this planning class.

Solid collaboration from all public safety representatives from local to Federal level.

Final group activity as we continue to enhance our Emergency Operations Plans.

Lots of discussion on sharing timely and critical information with access & functional needs populations.

Closing out this week’s packed FEMA Basic Academy on Aloha Friday.

Many thanks to local, county, state, and Federal officials/leaders attending representing FEMA Region 5 and FEMA Region 7.


FEMA L0103: Basic Academy Planning Emergency Operations

Starting the third class of the FEMA Basic Academy series here at DuPage County OHSEM.

This course, FEMA L01013 – Planning: Emergency Operations, talks about the importance of THIRA and the process for identifying threats in any community.

Additionally, materials were tied to all forms of government including local, county, state, and national level plans. Yep, lots of references to CPG101, CPG201, and the cornerstone doctrine the National Preparedness Goal. Lots to discuss as we crosswalk things together.

We openly discuss training requirements for USAI, SHSGP, and EMPG pros. In the past, other programs have taken a lax stance in meeting requirements. Not us. We have opted to stick with the national rules and follow the most up-to-date guidance on all activities. So yeah, your “I took that course 13 years ago” or your claim of “I should automatically be Grandfathered in” is not applicable. The famous line from In Living Color does apply, “Homey don’t play that.”

Since we have some inbound bad weather headed our way, our friends at the National Weather Service invited our class to participate in the NWS Chicago SitRep briefing.

We timed the briefing to match a class break and invited some of our partners from other states to see how the “sausage is made” by coordinating with other partner agencies with information. Basically, improving our situational awareness.

Leaving the call is one of our instructors NWS Chicago WCM Mike Bardou who just helped us teach the FEMA Basic Academy Science of Disasters. Hi Mike!

Proud to have this close working relationship with National Weather Service Chicago. Back to Planning for Emergency Operations!


FEMA Basic Academy day-3!

Starting the FEMA Emergency Management Basic Academy at DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

First few modules will talk about cyber emergencies and hazards which is really a hot button topic in the news just last night/this morning.

However midmorning, will be talking about bioterrorism and several other infectious diseases, strains, viruses, bacteria, and other stuff that could possibly harm our constituents.

Glad to share some of the material with our friends from the CDC…

This afternoon, we will be talking about ICS for a bit too..

Don’t worry, our staff and trusted partners are having fun.

It’s Wednesday because I got the Pink tie on today and you know I got my best foot forward when I got my favorite cufflinks in today.

Reporting live from the front of the classes…


FEMA L0102: Emergency Management Basic Academy Day-2

Guess what I get to talk about today?

I wonder if the boss will let me bring this teaching aid into class. “LSC from @rusnivek, Ima need a crane and a forklift please!”

Tsunami is a series of very long wavelength ocean waves caused by the sudden displacement of water by earthquakes, landslides, or submarine slumps.

While the inundation is important (max horizontal distance reached), the tsunami run-up (maximum height of the wave achieves) is totes important.

Varying factors play into inundation and run-up like

  • Energy of the tsunami
  • Topography of the land
  • orientation of the land to the oncoming wave
  • Tide

So there is no set same answer for every tsunami. Yeah, Emergency Managers need to be good about knowing their response area to best serve their community.

Repeat after me, “Locals will execute…”



FEMA Basic Academy Science of Disaster Day-1

Starting out the full second week of the FEMA Basic Academy!

Welcome to DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Director Murray Snow.

Glad to have our partners from NWS Chicago Mike Bardou joining us today too.

Our DuPage resident weather geek….I mean weather enthusiast John Nebl is here to share his weather emergency management knowledge too.

FEMA EMI Instructor Lenora getting into the meat and potatoes as we hit science big time this week.

Do you need the FEMA L0102: Science of Disaster Participant Guidebook?

Download it here –> L0102-ScienceOfDisaster-PG.

And if you were wondering #OOTD…

The socks match the tie.


Are you in our class this week?