Cleared for departure from RAP with special clearance

Really enjoying the All-American themes lately. And this week has been no exception.

It was suggested that I get an aerial perspective when I depart. So clearing it with Ellsworth Approach, our pilots planned a quick figure 8 pass on our departure out of RAP.

I only wish I had my DSLR. Don’t worry Maverick, the pattern wasn’t full. Chillax!

Special thanks to the All-American flight crew today #Merica !

Now on to Florida!


140 SWATTING is the new thing

On Saturday, a user on Twitter posted threats about specific flights.


These terroristic tweets were taunting and often vulgar with careless disregard for the safety of numerous people. Authorities were contacted and an immediate investigation was started. Multiple flights were halted, Flights from Portland Portland and Milwaukee were identified and Atlanta Airport was checked for bombs.

Targeting various airlines, the threats moved on from Delta Airlines to Southwest Airlines.


Good practice – the verbiage used by Southwest is good communications/social media verbiage to use on Twitter when responding to immediate threats.

User cited supposedly specific information on how the plot was carried out.


Taunting the safety of passengers on a public forum is bad.


In the end, the person making the threats identified a specific address of location. Again, taunting law enforcement.


Easily found on Google Maps, Chicago Police was dispatched to this address to verify information.


As I predicted, the address did not yield the subject.

Sounds like “SWATTING” to me –

In my opinion (and how you should interpret this story is simple): It takes is 140-characters to send you to jail.

From the intel POV: Lots to glean from the info/data posted in these tweets.

From the safety POV: Lots of operational assets to mobilze.

From the Emergency Management POV: Lots to coordinate with various all-hazards public safety agencies in multiple places.

This would be a good time to remind you of DHS’ phrase – “If you see something, say something”.

Remain vigilant my friends.




On-call? Ready deployment? or traveling in the next 72-hours? #Iselle #HIWx

On-call? Ready deployment? or traveling in the next 72-hours?

Traveling to/from Hawaii in the next 72 hours?

Before you go, you might want to read these flight notifications from these commercial carriers.

United Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines


Travel safe peeps.



How is the DigiDOC used at ARC HQ

Good overview on how the American Red Cross (ARC) uses social media.

Through the heat maps provided by Radian-6, ARC has the ability to better visualize the needs of the worldwide community.

Definitely a commercial for American Red Cross, Radian-6, and Dell.

Bonus: It also features a few friends too (Hi Gloria and Wendy!)


Remembering September 11th #September11 #NeverForget

I remember it clearly on September 11, 2001. I received a call from Cleveland Hopkins Airport Officials notifying me that Cleveland Center – Air Traffic Control (ATC) has identified United Airlines Flight-93. UAL Flight-93 was making the turn over Cleveland airspace…


Since the September 11th attacks, we have seen exceptional models of response and preparedness all around us. We will remember the heroism and dedicate our commitment to preparedness for thousands of people under our protection.


Remember those lost.

Honor those who saved.

Continued vigilance is only path to our American Freedoms.