3 in the green…in my #Instagram #Story

I should probably stop posting to my Instagram Story and pay attention huh?


So…….lots of stuff on the dashboard of an aircraft.


BTW-The buttons that says “FIRE” doesn’t fire the missiles. Think of it more like fire extinguishers. #SafetySur



Remembering September 11th #September11 #NeverForget

I remember it clearly on September 11, 2001. I received a call from Cleveland Hopkins Airport Officials notifying me that Cleveland Center – Air Traffic Control (ATC) has identified United Airlines Flight-93. UAL Flight-93 was making the turn over Cleveland airspace…


Since the September 11th attacks, we have seen exceptional models of response and preparedness all around us. We will remember the heroism and dedicate our commitment to preparedness for thousands of people under our protection.


Remember those lost.

Honor those who saved.

Continued vigilance is only path to our American Freedoms.